It’s time to get curious about collagen

Think you know collagen? Think again. Interest in collagen is at an all-time high, especially

in the joint health category – but many people remain mystified by the ingredient.

To find out why and dispel growing confusion in the marketplace, we brought together influential experts for 

The Collagen Symposium – a thought-provoking panel discussion that set out to debunk common myths 

and misconceptions surrounding the ingredient and debate the future of the collagen category.

Unlock specialist perspectives, scientific expertise and market insights from the collagen arena

by exploring The Collagen Symposium hub – designed to inspire, nurture and activate purposeful 

innovation in the collagen and joint health space. Get started by tuning into the roundtable recording!

Meet the panel

Len Monheit

Executive Director,

Collagen Stewardship

Alliance (moderator)

David Foreman

Pharmacist and Media Natural Health Expert

Elizabeth Thundow

VP Consulting Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan

Caio Gonçalves de Souza

Head of Medical Affairs,  Apsen and Orthopaedic surgeon

Ingrid Möller MD, PhD

Rheumatologist, Instituto Poal, UB, UIC

Daniel Martinez

Head of R&D Human and Animal Health, Bioiberica

Not all collagen is collagen

Experts discuss how and why the term ‘collagen’ is being used to define different ingredients, some of which are not collagen at all – such as ‘vegan’ collagen.

Attracting the collagen consumer

Len Monheit describes what players across

the collagen industry can do to appeal to the 

collagen consumer; and create a long-term, sustainable marketplace.

Is the collagen for joint health trend here to stay?

Find out what Elizabeth Thundow has to say about the trends powering the collagen market and what the future holds for native type II collagen, specifically.

Native type II collagen is a unicorn ingredient

Effective at only 40 mg/day, compatible with multiple ingredients and suitable for various delivery formats. Could native type II collagen be the answer to the formulation conundrum?

Explore the potential of native type II collagen

Experts agree that native type II collagen holds significant potential in the joint health and 

mobility category. Daniel Martinez explains why. 

Which consumer populations can benefit from native type II collagen?

Ingrid Möller says that senior adults and sports enthusiasts are the two consumer groups that would benefit most from native type II collagen. Learn why.

Want to learn more about the rapidly developingcollagen market?

Check out The Collagen Report, featuring the latest consumer insights from the Industry Transparency Centre – highlighting the behaviours and preferences of collagen consumers today; the different collagen ingredients available on the market; and inspiring delivery formats that appeal.

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