Inspiring your next move

As the world advances, so do we. Which is why we’re bringing our branded ingredients together under a common goal – to inspire your next innovation with the needs of the market front of mind. The same high quality, scientifically-backed ingredients, but a brand-new look – starting with our mobility portfolio. 

As a leader in the space, we’re redefining how people think about joint, muscle and tendon health, with a suite of ingredients that combine our trusted scientific expertise with big picture thinking. 

Our new-look portfolio

Together they form our reimagined mobility portfolio, ready to ignite your next cutting-edge development. 

Our leading native (undenatured) type II collagen and the new
name for b-2Cool®

Our hyaluronic acid

matrix ingredient

The new brand for our tendon health ingredient

The most researched chondroitin on the market 

Redefining mobility

Mobility is an essential part of life – a fundamental element in how we feel, physically and mentally. As people worldwide take an increasingly holistic approach to their health and wellness, it’s more important than ever for product innovators to choose ingredients that keep this bigger health picture in mind. 

Understanding these market needs is key to appealing to a new generation of consumer. Download our guide to discover how, together, we can develop insight-led mobility solutions that keep people moving.