The first hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient

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Want to understand how Mobilee® delivers the power of 3 to your formulation? Download the scientific summary and explore the research behind this patented ingredient – including how its unique combination of three naturally-occurring components work synergistically to increase the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid by synovial cells more than 200-fold.*

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A patented mobility ingredient for joint and muscle health

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Consumers of all ages are increasingly taking a holistic approach to their health to improve overall wellbeing, including mobility. In fact, a rising number is seeking solutions which bring together ingredients that support all mobility-related aspects, like bone, joint, tendon and muscle health.

Through the power of its three naturally-occurring components – hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and collagen – manufacturers can develop cutting edge products that simultaneously support muscle and joint health.


Endorsed by multiple

scientific studies.

Solid regulatory framework 

Includes Novel Food (EU Commission) and GRAS status (FDA).

Full traceability

A patented extract that’s sourced, developed and manufactured by Bioiberica.

Easy to formulate 

Highly efficacious at 80mg/day and excellent organoleptic properties.

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Ready do more with Mobilee® ? Discover how it can support your next innovation in the mobility market with our product information sheet.

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